India personal tour by car

India tour by car  

Knowing the Positive Aspects of the Car Rental Services of Delhi

The car rentals are a major prevalence in modern times that has been ruling the market. The use of car rental services can be seen to be developing day by day and thus creates a benefit of availing of the services easily, whenever in need of it. India personal tour with driver gives you the opportunity to travel safely and freely, without depending on the timetables of public transport and the convenience of travelling with a professional driver who can give you useful tips on places to visit. Our cars with driver are led by expert guides, often local, who have a considerable experience in the area allowing you to know the local customs and importance of place. DRC India Pvt. Ltd services also provide an opportunity to drive all around India and experience all the positives and negatives of it. The car rental services are a source of easy traveling and experiencing the thrill. India is incredible with diverse destinations and different environmental beauty. Enjoying India trip with road journey is more exciting and adventurous. There are many advantages of India tour by car, some of which includes,

Experiencing the Best Service from the DRC India Pvt. Ltd

It never makes any difference to your traveling experience if you have you want India personal tour by car on rent. We at the DRC India Pvt. Ltd are always ready with open arms to come up with the best possible services that they can provide you for the desired India private tour. The easier option of just visiting the place or office of the company and getting your desired car on rent is much convenient. The option becomes even more convenient to experience if you directly log on to the website or book through the mobile apps. We are much dedicated on providing of the best services and do have a 24-hour interactive service to help you out at any hour of the day.

Choosing the Car as Per Your Choice

The DRC India Pvt. Ltd provides you the advantage of choosing of the desired car as per the wish of the customer. We have various segments for the  India personal tour by car that gives you the advantage of the choosing of the desired vehicle, keeping in mind the budget that you have and the preferences you want to have.

Car Rentals for Special Occasion

The DRC India Pvt. Ltd also helps you to have the cars on rent for various special occasions that you want to experience by the use of the car. This is primarily beneficial during the time of a rush hour and thus is helpful for the getting of the services quite easily.

Cost-Effectiveness of the Services

The characteristic of being cost-effective is the best possible of all the advantages that we have as we come up with some of the jaw-dropping deals that are much advantageous for the pocket of the customer. The packages of DRC India Pvt. Ltd offered to the customers come up with several deals that you can choose from and get the best of services that you are in need of in terms of your budget.

Car Maintenance

It is none of the matter of the customer when it comes down to the maintenance of the car that they use for their luxury private tour. We take care of the complete responsibility of maintaining the car on a rental basis, and this is one of the most crucial aspects of availing of the car rental services that allow you to rent a car and use it without the pressure of the faults that would be generating in the vehicle.

Availability of Massive Sized Vehicles

Most of the Indian families require a large size of vehicle for their family uses, the reason being the substantial size of the Indian families and the values of living in a joint family that generates the requirement of large size of vehicle for traveling together. We have come up with the massive machinery to suit your needs and provide you with the best possible advantages of India tour by the car together with your family.

The Advent of the Technological Benefits

With the growth of the technology, the service of DRC India Pvt. Ltd have been made easier day to day and gives you the best possible advantage of availing a car without even owning it. This gives you the best possible advantage of not investing a lot on the buying of a car and yet still availing all the benefits, just like having your own car. The easier payment options and the pocket-friendly deals help you in having a great India personal tour.

India tour by car with family or friends is one of the desired dreams that almost everyone has dreamt of. We come up with the best India tour packages and car a rental service that help you in fulfilling your travel wishes without worrying about anything and thus has been one of the major factors for positioning us at top in the industry. You can easily avail all our services by visiting our website Our team has designed various India tour packages to choose a suitable trip from different regions of India as north India, south India, west India and east India.

Delhi Rent Car Tour

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8 Hr 80 Km

  • Rs1300. (Extra km Rs.9/Extra Hr.250)
  • Rs.1600 (Extra km Rs.11/Extra Hr.250)
  • Rs.1600 (Extra km Rs.11/Extra Hr.250)
  • Rs.1600 (Extra km Rs.11/Extra Hr.250)
  • Rs.1700 (Extra km Rs.12/Extra Hr.250)
  • Rs.4000 (Extra km Rs.17/Extra Hr.300)
  • Rs.4500 (Extra km Rs.17/Extra Hr.300)
  • Rs.4500 (Extra km Rs.18/Extra Hr.400)
  • Rs.5500 (Extra km Rs.20/Extra Hr.400)
  • Rs.6500 (Extra km Rs.20/Extra Hr.500)

12 Hr. 150 Km(Full Day)

  • Rs.2200 (Extra km Rs.9/Extra Hr.250)
  • Rs.2500 (Extra km Rs.11/Extra Hr.250)
  • Rs.2500 (Extra km Rs.11/Extra Hr.250)
  • Rs.2500 (Extra km Rs.11/Extra Hr.250)
  • Rs.2800 (Extra km Rs.12/Extra Hr.250)
  • Rs.5000(Extra km Rs.17/Extra Hr.300)
  • Rs.5500(Extra km Rs.17/Extra Hr.300)
  • Rs.5500(Extra km Rs.18/Extra Hr.400)
  • Rs.6500(Extra km Rs.20/Extra Hr.400)
  • Rs.7000(Extra km Rs.20/Extra Hr.500)


  • Rs.09/Km
  • Rs.11/Km
  • Rs.09/Km
  • Rs.12/Km
  • Rs.12/Km
  • Rs.17/Km
  • Rs.17/Km
  • Rs.18/Km
  • Rs.20/Km
  • Rs.20/Km